Ecological houses of Wood

Association Arend & Fischbach, a property development company founded in 1989, began specialising in energy-saving building concepts more than 15 years ago with their “Massiv-Passiv” brand, thus establishing themselves as pioneers in the construction of energy-efficient passive houses in Luxembourg.

With the new “massive passive brand, we are now introducing the ecological component into house-building. In order to make the building of “massive passive houses even more energy-efficient and sustainable than traditional passive houses, we bank consistently on the use of genuinely ecological construction materials – especially wood as a working material.

But at the same time, the latest findings of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Feist’s Passive House Institute are channelled into the architecture and the execution of all the projects, thus providing the passive house standard with a guaranteed foundation for the further development towards zero energy and energy plus houses.

New company | New logo | New philosophy

Actively involved in the building industry since 25 years and as leader in energy-saving concepts, we have established a solid reputation in Luxembourg for the past 15 years with our “massive passive houses in AAA-standard. In most European countries including Luxembourg, this standard will be mandatory for each new building from 2017 / 2020 onwards.

Additional standards will be required in the near future: zero-energy houses, energy-plus houses, ecological houses ... With this on our minds, we now have created our new label “massive passive (e -> ecology) to focus all our future efforts on building sustainable, eco-friendly and environmentally conscious buildings.

Discover the “green” construction techniques yourself. Building with wood means: lower consumption of resources, living a healthier life and reducing considerably the ecological footprint.

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Did you know that 1 m³ of wood stores up to 950 kg of COduring its growth, or that 34% of Luxembourg's surface is covered by forest? Read about those and other interesting facts in our "massive passive"-booklet, which you can scroll through conveniently online.