An Idea is Born

At “massive passive, our vision of contemporary building is consistent and target-oriented: we follow the development of new ecological materials openly, but also critically. Hence, “massive passive” houses are never influenced by short-term fashionable trends. They are always directed towards the environment and the individual wishes of our clients.

Besides the aesthetic architecture, it is primarily the ecological and sustainable implementation of our projects that has top priority for us. Using wood as construction material has many advantages: Solid wood does not only have an excellent CO₂ ratio, but is highly functional and can be implemented in many ways.

When combined with concrete, contemporary constructions are born that are sustainable, offering the owners a healthy living climate.

Wood as construction material

Naturally breathable

By using wood, a water vapour permeable construction can be achieved.

No need for chemical treatment

Chemical wood preservatives become unnecessary, thanks to the mechanical drying of the wood.

Perfect for recycling

As a construction material, wood can be reused over and over again and at the end of its life cycle, it can still be used as heating energy.

Self-regulating moisture content

Healthy living spaces are created through the humidity-regulating character of wood.

High stability

Wood has a high fire resistance (burns at a rate of 0.7 mm per minute).

Ideal insulation

Wood stores heat longer than concrete or masonry.